“Getting to know someone else involves curiosity about where they have come from, who they are.” ~ Penelope Lively

Take the time to really get to know people. Now, the way I stumbled across this thinking today is due to a bit of a strange situation. Growing up in Taiwan, the teachers are very strict and often very mean. I mean, really really mean. Well, I’m leading a group of Taiwanese kids with their two teachers right now. I don’t pick at the kids for little things, but I do let them know firmly when they misbehave and let them know what appropriate behavior is. It’s funny because as I was sitting there, a teacher was yelling at them for something that is not a big deal at all. Now, this same teacher has been a family friend for about 20 years and she is a delightful person to be around. So, I got to thinking about how I really didn’t like most of my Taiwanese teachers, because they were so mean! But, if I was to see them in a different light, like I do the teacher here that yelled at the students, I might’ve liked them. I believe that when we get to know people for who they are, we will like them. We will understand them. We will be much happier about who’s in our lives.


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